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Blog by elwin

News by elwin

CustomEyes reborn as ShellWM!

1.01.70, 1518 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by

There´s a new Open Source project in town. The source code for Customeyes, a windows skinning program, has found a new home, a new programming team, and a new name in the guise of ShellWM. Read more inside for info, downloads and links.

Talisman Desktop 2.5 is available

1.01.70, 1128 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by

Talisman is replacement for Windows Desktop and shell replacement. Using "Talisman", you can build any interface for your computer.

XP Visual Tools XMas Edition

1.01.70, 1907 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by

(Taken directly from the newest email announcement)

XP Visual Tools Xmas Edition comes with a special designed skin because CronoSoft want to bring Christmas spirit in your house and your soul.

A complete suite for tweaking your Windows XP, XP Visual Tools is loaded with all that you need to enhance your XP Desktop. Now you can do anything you want, from setting transparency level of XP Start Menu and XP Taskbar to easy swapping between different Windows XP LogonUI screens or Windows XP Wallpapers and applying Windows XP Skins (XP Themes) to old programs.
(read on for more)

AltDesk 1.5 released.

1.01.70, 1222 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by

AltDesk is a virtual desktop manager for Windows 9x/ NT/ Me/ 2000/ XP with skins support. AltDesk lets you add more functionality to your computer´s desktop. It can create many virtual desktops which can be placed as you want.

Aston Shell version 1.7 now available.

1.01.70, 1841 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by

The Aston Desktop manager and Shell replacement for Windows has just been updated to version 1.7.

see inside for LOTS more... :)

New section for a New app

1.01.70, 1429 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by

PKMenu is a fully skinnable launcher for for Windows XP/2000 and higher from Pepijn Koster.(author of PK Volume, Mouse Tracks and more)

-more inside-

There´s a new sheriff in town... :)

1.01.70, 1094 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by

After much thought and consideration, (and massive bribes and kickbacks) a new Skinbase Admin has joined our ranks...
I hope all of you Baseheads will give a warm welcome to one of our oldest and most supportive members in his new position:

(take a bow, mate!)

(audience applauds!)


Rainlendar Update

1.01.70, 983 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by

Rainlendar, the popular calendar program has been updated to version .012

see inside for more...

New Sections added!

1.01.70, 1156 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by

Well, here we go again - more skin sections to add to our already enormous selection.

Lots more inside - so read it already...

Summer Cleaning

1.01.70, 999 times read, 2 comment(s)

Written by

I looked around, and decided to grab a broom and do some cleaning. The old Winstep competition is gone now, and the skins have been moved to their appropriate sections.